More often than not, having confirmed that pregnancy has been established, expectant mothers are often very eager to know the date of delivery, partly because of the immense joy they would derive from the adorable day or the freedom from the ever growing bump, whichever it is, the fact remains that it is a day to look forward to. However, to know this ‘date to look forward to’, calculations have to be made, to predict the day. Which means, some simple arithmetic skills would be employed to provide an ‘estimated due date’ as it is often referred to in medical parlance.

While there are many ways of finding out your pregnancy due date, using a ‘pregnancy due date calculator’, ‘pregnancy confirm calculator’, or ‘pregnancy due date calculator’ has proven to be very fast, reliable and easy to use, as all that is needed to get an estimated due date is the date of the first day of your last menstrual period (LMP).

Therefore, once you access a pregnancy due date calculator, all that you would be required to fill in, is information about the first day of your last menstrual period, then the calculator does the rest of the maths and provides you with an estimated due date.

However, you would find it interesting to know that, without using a pregnancy due date calculator, you could find an estimated due date, without any stress or special process. All you need to know is the basic principle on which the pregnancy due date calculator earlier mentioned is based.

Here is how!

Since the gestation period in human being lasts from about 38 to 40 weeks, you could easily predict the due date, if you were quick in noticing your Last Menstrual Period (LMP). This is because, upon conception, ovulation ceases throughout the period of pregnancy, which gives you an opportunity to just add 38 or 40 weeks to the first day after your last menstrual period.

Another way in which you could also find an estimated due date is  by subtracting three (3) months from the first day of your last menstrual period (LMP), then adding seven (7) days, which gives you an estimated delivery date. That is, if your Last Menstrual Period (LMP) was  on May 20, subtracting three (3) months would give February 20, then, adding seven (7) days to this, would give February 27, which is the estimated due date. This date is referred to as an ‘estimated due date’ because, such predicted due date, does not usually turn out to be the true date of delivery, as the date of delivery may be one or two weeks before or after the estimated due date. This estimation however, holds true, if you are not pregnant with twins, triplets or other multiple number of babies, as the delivery of multiple babies usually takes place earlier than the estimated due date in most cases. However, some do take place as estimated, but it is usually very rare.

What Is Gross Pay and How Is It Calculated?

When you are employed, all the taxes, deductions and overtime will depend on your gross income. For this reason, you can access salary or hourly paycheck calculator online to calculate. It is a very important thing and this article is created to help you understand more about this concept.

What is gross pay?

Gross pay is the amount paid to an employee before taxes and other deductions are made. This is what the employee and employer agreed will be the pay rate. It is what is in the contract. This is for both salaried and hourly employees. This pay is the amount used to calculate an employee’s salary (for those paid after some time) and wages (for those paid hourly).

How to calculate gross pay

  • Salaried gross pay if paid annual salary

If you are paid after some period, calculating gross pay is easy. Take the amount you are paid per year and divide it by twelve (number of months) or the number of times you are paid per year. For example: If a salaried employee’s annual salary is 80000 dollars and he is paid four times a month. Calculate gross pay for each pay period.

= Amount paid per year ÷ number of times paid per year.

= 80000 ÷ (12×4)

= 1666.67 dollars

  • Hourly gross pay

This is equally simple to compute. You take the number of hours you have worked multiply it by the hourly pay rate. Then add overtime pay. For example: You earn 20dollars per hour and if you work overtime, you earn 25 dollars per hour. You have worked for 10 hours normal time, and 3 hours overtime. Calculating hourly gross pay will be

= (Number of normal hours worked × pay rate) + (Number of overtime hours worked × Overtime pay rate)

= (10×20) + (3×25)

=275 dollars.

  • An easier way of calculating gross pay.

There are so many online salary and hourly paycheck calculators. You do not have to do all this mathematics on your own. Just google gross pay calculator and you will find some.

Importance of gross pay

  • In payroll and payroll taxes.

As we have seen, gross pay is the genesis of all calculations. The calculations are all independent of each other so to calculate you must use the gross pay. These calculations include:

  • Calculating and deducting federal and state taxes.
  • Calculating FICA taxes. This is the social security and Medicare.
  • Calculating all the other benefits and deductions.
  • Calculating overtime pay.

Gross pay is also used for social security maximum calculations. Any additional Medicare taxes are also deducted from the gross pay. This pay is found in the W-2 form. All employees’ gross pay is put on the IRS Form 941 which is the payroll tax form reported quarterly.

  • For loans.

Every lender will look at your gross pay before giving you a loan. Gross pay limits the amount of loan you can receive as it shows how capable you are to pay back the loan. It is used to measure the risk.

You can see that it’s necessary that gross pay e calculated well. You can use a salary or hourly paycheck calculator, depending on your mode of payment to ensure this.

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Weight Loss Percentage Calculator

The army body fat calculator has become one of the most sought after tools of today and it’s not hard to see why. Losing weight is great because it can help to keep your body at a safe and healthy level but, for most, losing any additional pounds can be very difficult. The problem is that knowing how much weight you lose is difficult because it might seem a little but it is actually quite a lot. Knowing your weight loss percentage can be far more encouraging than you think. Read on to learn more about the weight loss percentage calculator.

Why Use the Weight Loss Percentage Calculator?

Do you know how much weight you are actually losing or the percentage of your overall weight loss? You don’t always know even when you think you know how much you are losing. How much of a percentage is two pounds? That might not seem a lot but, in percentage terms, it can be quite a lot. Remember, when it comes to weight loss you have to do it slowly and effectively so that you can have healthy weight loss rather than unhealthy weight loss. Yes, you might want to lose weight but only when it’s in a healthy form. The army body fat calculator can absolutely help you to understand the total weight loss percentage. That’s important and really it’s a lot easier to find out how much you are losing too.

Weight Loss Percentage Calculator

How Can You Calculate Your Loss in Percentages?

First of all, you need to know your starting weight. When you have that number you now need to find out how many pounds you have actually lost. When these numbers are known, you can divide the starting number with your starting weight then times that number by 100. You will then get your weight loss in percentage terms. This can absolutely help give you some pride in the weight loss you have achieved so far and it can also give you a kick to continue the weight loss. The army body fat calculator can be a great little tool that enables you to work out your how much you have lost and keep you on the right track. Far too many people don’t think these calculators are necessary but they help in so many ways.

You Can Benefit From the Army Body Fat Calculator

While most people will say the calculator doesn’t actually do anything for you, think again. Yes, technically the calculator can’t make you exercise or eat sensibly but it can give you the real answers you need. What if you are carrying a few extra pounds and you aren’t comfortable with your weight and have done a little to lose the extra weight but you haven’t quite reached the goal? Would you be more likely to give up or more likely to continue? Sometimes seeing the results for yourself is a kick because while you might not have lost as much as you would have liked, it’s a starting point and it can encourage you to continue. That’s why the army body fat calculator is highly used today.

Knowing Your Weight Loss

Sometimes, there are additional tools that are needed to aid your weight loss. Obesity and overweight problems are increasing and it’s so easy to put the weight on but getting it off is another problem entirely. However, with some useful tools you can keep on the right road and know just how much weight you are losing. The army body fat calculator can help calculate your fat and how much you are losing; and the weight loss percentage calculator will help you so much today.


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The Army’s Body Fat Worksheet – Improved Health and Weight

Never heard of the army body fat calculator or worksheet? Don’t worry, you are not alone. There are thousands who haven’t heard of it, either. Yet, it does seem as though there are now more and more following these things in order to get into shape and maintain a healthy weight. Despite what you might think, the worksheet can be suitable for most people (even those with no military ties) and it can help them when it comes to losing some excess weight and becoming healthier. At the end of the day, we all need to be healthy physically and mentally to live a long and happy life.

Improving Your Health and Weight

You might think you don’t need to change your lifestyle in order to become healthier and have a more suitable weight range but think again. Do you really have a good diet? Is it a balanced one? Do you do a lot of exercise or are you someone who spends most days on a computer screen getting little exercise? These things are important to think about when it comes to having a healthy life and keeping the weight to a good range. For some, they need to do more exercise to lose the excess pounds and in a sense, they also need to alter their diets too. What you eat can have a huge impact so remember it. The army body fat calculator can be a great tool but that alone won’t help you become fitter.

The Army’s Body Fat Worksheet – Improved Health and Weight

Get Inspiration

However, the great thing about the army body fat calculator is that when you are out of shape and not in the best possible condition, you can use the calculator to find out a few things. You can find out just how out of shape you are and how much body fat you have. If you are in a bad zone in terms of your body fat you know now is the time to do something about it! Far too many people don’t do anything and end up regretting it. The body fat calculator can get you thinking and give you some inspiration to do more.

A Helping Hand

Have you found it easy to maintain a healthy weight? Sometimes, it’s just not easy and no matter what you do you fall back into the old habits. You cannot help it because sometimes you don’t want to give up the foods you love but there’s no real need to give them up entirely just have them less. For instance, if you like cheese and eat a lot of cheese that is high in fat, you could simply change the varieties you consume so that you eat less fatty cheese. What’s more, you can reduce the number of times you have it per week. That’ll help in a big way so you just need to moderate your diet and add more healthy things rather than change it entirely. Usually, people fall off their diets by changing so much. The army body fat calculator can help in many ways.

Love Your Body

Weight is a troublesome factor because, when we try our best, we end up maintaining our weight rather than losing the unhealthy pounds and it’s frustrating. However, there are many simple and effective ways to love your body and lose some excess pounds. The army body fat calculator can be one tool that helps you during your weight loss journey.


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Army Body Fat Calculator

Have you heard of the army body fat calculator? For most, it’s not something they are too familiar with and it’s a problem to say the least. However, trying to lose weight and lose overall body fat can be highly important. Carrying around too much fat often results in weight problems as well as many healthy complications. With the army body fat calculator you can actually calculate your overall body fat which is ideal. Is this a tool for you and is it really going to help you? Read on to find out more.

How does it Work?

The army body fat calculator takes several factors into account. It takes in your age, as well as your height, waist size, hip, and neck sizes. You will be able to get a body fat percentage and you will know just how healthy or unhealthy you are. If your body fat results are too high, it can be very concerning and certainly something that might get you to rethink about your lifestyle. These tools, however, are used for the military so for those who want to join the US army, it might be wise to look at using the calculator first anyway. That way you know if you need to shape up a little before applying. The army body fat calculator can also be a great tool whether you are thinking about joining the army or otherwise.

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Army Body Fat Calculator

Why Use the Body Fat Calculator?

How healthy are you? Carrying too much fat can be very bad for the body and not just in terms of physical fitness. Your health can be greatly affected and it might result in someone being unable to take part in everyday activities such as walking to a store or playing with the children outside. Using the army body fat calculator can help someone to see just how much fat they are carrying and if they don’t like what they see, they can do something about it. This has really become a great tool for a host of reasons and you are going to find its ideal to say the least. People who aren’t in the military often use this calculator to help them during their fitness regimes and when they’re getting back into shape.

Can You Really Use it?

Anyone can in fact use the army body fat calculator and it can actually be effective in helping you to lose some extra pounds and to get into shape too. However, you do have to be very aware that the calculator alone won’t remove the excess pounds. It’s very important to ensure you eat healthily, have a good exercise regime set out as well as remaining active. Without these things, losing body fat will be difficult to achieve.

Become Healthier

When you are dealing with body fat, it can be very difficult to get rid of it. For some, it takes double the hard work than what others find and it’s frustrating. However, the end results can be well worth it, especially when you are healthier and fitter in every possible way. That is why there are now so many people using the army body fat calculator than ever before.